Located twenty miles east of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, is a place called Lasserre: a forgotten village home to five thousand residents. In Lasserre, there is no hospital or clinic where basic health care can be provided, no managing authorities and no local school to serve its children.

For those who can afford to send their children, the nearest school is four miles away and they are forced to do so by foot. Sixty percent of Lasserre’s children do not attend school. This is not for lack of earnestness, but because the 15-dollar a year cost is too high for most of Lasserre's families. 


Lasserre’s Own Hands, Inc. was created to place education where it was needed. After constructing the now operational school buildings, the group has an ongoing mission aimed at maintaining the buildings, funding its teachers' salaries and training, and providing daily supplies and food to its students. Education is a basic resource and we are proud to offer free attendance to the children of the village of Lasserre.